We now have three videos up on youtube for  the historic march that breached the apartheid walls on Palm Sunday insisting on right of freedom of movement for Palestinians.  Ten people of the original 16 are still held by the occupation forces (as were the donkey and horse used in the event! )

Since then, the Israeli authorities are trying to punish the town by preventing even those few with permits from crossing between Bethlehem and Jerusalem (again a war crime to do collective punishment). But the people will not succumb and in Bethlehem area we had other events in the days that followed.  It also happened that Tuesday was land Day and hundreds of demonstrations, vigils, and other events were held not only in Palestine but throughout the world.

I will start with our own event in Beit Sahour.  Land day events were appropriately held at Ush Ghrab (threatened area of the Bethlehem district) and despite an Israeli military presence at the site, the events involved participation from over 1000 individuals from throughout the district (several towns and villages represented).  Over 300 women and their very young kids participated (also a belated celebration of International Women’s day).  Six high schools sent buses.  We also had volunteers and activists of all walks of life.  See story and video and photos at :

The main action this year was in the town of Sakhnin in areas occupied since 1948.  Over 10,000 attended the events from throughout historic Palestine.
See pictures here (scroll to bottom, truly inspiring) http://www.panet.co.il/online/articles/1/2/S-282259,1,2.html and Haaretz story here It is a shame the this event is covered widely throughout the region but not in many western media outlets.

In other areas, the Israeli troops attacked demonstrators (e.g. in Budrus where several civilians were injured including a TV reporter, and in several locations in Gaza near the borders were Israeli troops opened fire on demonstrators killing a youth and injuring many). Actions were also held outside of Palestine on Land Day (which is also International Day of Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions against Israeli Apartheid).  An example of action from over 400 events world-wide is shown in this video (again illustrating what a few individuals can do to make a huge impact).

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